Energy Workers

Samantha Banks

It is my PASSION to help others feel more ALIVE and connected to their Spirit. I am a Spiritual Teacher and Energy Worker in SW FL and part of my service is to create meditations for others to de-stress and open their minds and hearts

Jenna Greene – Greene Lady Music

Jenna Greene, "The Greene Lady", is a weaver of musical myth and magic. With a voice that is both ethereal and soulful, she sings of ancient lore, finding wonder and following dreams.

She beautifully interlaces her Celtic and World Folk influences to create a presentation of haunting ballads, drum-driven dance tunes, lilting harp and mythic story.

Jean Salch

As I walk my path as a Healer, Minister and Co- Creator for Love and Peace. I ask for many blessings for all to see the Divine within themselves. Along with Mother Mary, Jesus and John the Baptist, we make healing water for people to drink

Elena Radford

Elena’s practice of Inca shamanism includes, activating water, Crystals, and the information within them that allows people to clear their DNA. As an Incan Shaman, she is well revered and respected by her peers

You Could Be Here!

We are currently interviewing talented energy workers to offer live advice to our customers! If you are an energy worker and would like us to consider you. Click on the picture and tell us a little about you!

Energy Work

Energy healing has been used since the beginning of mankind on Earth. Some might say it comes from other galaxies or a higher power. Ultimately our healing ability comes from Universal Life Force Energy. This energy has the highest and most pure divine intentions to assist both the person sending and receiving energy.

When a person sends energy to another, they connect with the Universal Energy which flows through them. The energy is then directed to the right place for the highest outcome. When the flow of energy is blocked, one might experience physical pain, emotional discomfort, financial troubles, relationship problems and more.

When receiving divine energy, it is important to be open to the possibility that the energy can help you. Next relax, let go and surrender. One might feel some releasing as the energy gently flows though. No matter what the intended outcome is, the end result is a more relaxed, centered, balanced and healed self.

- Jean Salch