Jean Salch

Jean Salch

Area of Expertise: Spiritual Channel, Healing Sessions, Digital Prioducts
Available for Live Advice: No

About Jean

Ever since I was a young girl, my senses have been extra sensitive to the natural energies around me. This led me to study with different teachers for the last sixteen years. I have been initiated in ancient Inca ceremonies with Peruvian Shaman Juan Nunez de Prado, and am a graduate of an Apprenticeship Program of Peruvian and Brazilian Shamanism hosted by Dream Change Coalition. I have also received initiations by Shaman Fredy Quispe Singona at many different sacred sights in Peru. Since 1998 I have been volunteering for the International Distance Healing Network for general requests and emergency healings. I am also a member of the Vermont Reiki Association and a Karuna Reiki Master and Teacher.

Whilst continuing my studies in Shamanism, I began to blend Reiki and Sound together during my shamanic sessions. In 2007 The Divine Mother came to me and asked my permission to work with me. Together our work helps to awaken the divine within all of humanity. My work also includes house/land and business clearings and blessings. Although I have continued to persue my education in the Shamanic field, ones education can never be too diverse. Currently, I am interning as a Minister with Mary Abele, the Pastor at All Souls Interfaith in Shelburne, Vermont. This combination of knowledge has made it possible for me to adjust to any ones beliefs and create a space of comfort for each individual. As I walk my path as a Healer, Minister and Co- Creator for Love and Peace. I ask for many blessings for all to see the Divine within themselves. Along with Mother Mary, Jesus and John the Baptist, we make healing water for people to drink.

Healing Modalities
  • Karuna Reiki Master Teacher
  • Shamanism
  • Sound healer/teacher
  • Miracle healing water

  • One on one healing
  • couples healing
  • removal of dark energies
  • land/house and business cleansing/blessing
  • water blessings
  • healing water to drink
  • ceremonies


peace and comfort meditation gentle chakra healing meditation deep chakra healing meditation weaving the four sacred colors meditation creating sacred space