Jan King

Jan King

Website: Janais.wordpress.com
Area of Expertise: Astrology
Available for Live Advice: No

About Jan

Who is Jan King? According to my North Node in Gemini I am here to move in the direction of communication with truth. I started my journey many years ago when my mother forced me to attend a self-improvement school to get rid of the edgy attitude which I developed as a teen. I grew immensely from the experience. Then one day as I was finishing up my senior year in college (studying to be a librarian) she shared with me an astrology book and said I needed to read it so I can begin to understand others. I looked at her like she was a bit off. But I accepted the challenge and I never looked back. I jumped into it totally and studied daily as my children were in school or napped. When I was doing graduate work I got my regular work finished and went back to astrology. Papers were strewn across my table, on the bed waiting to be examined. I studied everything I could about myself and my family. And then one day I gave an analysis to a friend and that was the beginning of the new me.

No matter what went on in the coming days of my life, I always went back to astroanalysis. Then one day I saw an opportunity to take another step. A friend gave me a past life regression and suggested I look into training as a hypnotherapist. I did go on to take the beginning and advanced classes. For 14 years I taught workshops in an adult night school. I also studied for a Certificate in Holistic Health Perspectives at Rosemont College. Through this program I began to use Foot Reflexology and Therapeutic Touch in my workshops along with herbs/nutrition. Also, as I progressed into the next year 1993 I learned Reiki 1 and 2. In 1995 I became a Reiki Teacher/Master. There are other courses which I have taken and workshops which include: EFT and Acupressure and numerology. I received my doctorate in Metaphysical and Spiritual Studies in 2005. It was a turning point in my life and it has brought a deep spiritual perspective to my astrological analysis. I have been a member of the DHN (Distant Healing Network) since 1998 and a Group Leader since 2001. I have applied the many teachings I have studied to my astrological and holistic health clients. I have asked myself why I continue this path and I saw in my chart that my part of fortune is in Aquarius trine my ascendant.

I am here to help you discover the truth and your own uniqueness through my intuitive, spiritual astrological findings.