The Loon Witch

The Loon Witch

Area of Expertise: Psychic/Mediumship Readings, Kitchen Witch Services, Classes & Workshops
Local Services: Taunton Ma
Available for Instant Readings: Yes

The Loon Witch

Sha Blackburn is the LoonWitch; an internationally known psychic and student of life. She is known to be compassionate, insightful, and "scary accurate". She specializes in tarot readings, aura photography and rune readings, but got her start as a young girl with augury. She is a reiki master teacher, crystal healer, and Chinese holistic therapist.

She is a member of the NAPW, ADF, American Tarot Association, and Rune Guild. She was named a “woman of the year” in 2012 by the NAPW. She is passionate about life and helping others to learn, understand and cope. She has been featured on FM and AM radio shows since 2003, and has been teaching divination, healing and metaphysics since 1997.

More than credentials and initials, Sha uses her motivation, healing and psychic abilities to help people transform their lives.

In Addition; The LoonWitch Offers A Village Witch Service, She Will Make A Charm For Any Needed Purpose And Guide You In Working Spells To Create Your Own Needed Outcome. All Charms Are Worked In The Correct Moon Phase And May Contain Herbs, Crystals, Incense, And Other Items.

The LoonWitch Is Available For House Parties, Public Appearances, Psychic Fairs, Workshops, And Lectures.

My Credentials

Ordained Minister - Universal Life Church; Certified Chinese Holistic Therapist - American Institute Of Natural Healing; Reiki Master / Teacher In The Usui System Of Natural Healing; Member Of The American Tarot Association; Member Of The ADF ; Member Of The Rune Guild; Member Of The National Association Of Professional Women.** Named A Woman Of The Year In 2010- 2011

Psychic Services
  • Tarot (General Or Specialty Spreads)
  • Runes
  • Your Name In Runes
  • Angel Readings
  • Crystal Readings
  • Pendulum Readings
  • Aura Photography
Healing Modalities
  • Reiki
  • Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui System
  • Crystal laying on and grid format
  • Meditation


Get to know me better!

the LoonWitch by loonwitch
My name is Sha Blackburn, and I am the LoonWitch! I put an exclamation point here because I find this exciting! And I want everyone to be excited about it!

I am listed under spiritual guidance, in case you haven't already found me. I am an optimist, and I firmly believe we create our own success and I am committed to helping my clients create their success.


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